While many people use the terms etching and engraving interchangeably, they actually mean quite different things. Where etching involves use of pressurized air and abrasive, engraving utilizes a fixed tip, similar to a drill tip, to incise or cut grooves into the surface of the glass. Designs can be quite complex depending on the engraving tip used. Nowadays this is an automated process with machines able to control the tip. At SES we are not currently offering engraving but will be offering this service in the near future.

Benefits of engraving:

  • Engraving is permanent and will never wash, chip or wear off.
  • Automated process greatly reduces hand labor required.
  • Ideal for plastic and polycarbonate drink ware.
  • We are able to do a regular etch or if the glass is thicker we can do a deep etch to accentuate the design

Limitations of engraving:

  • Color is not an option with engraving. Engraved designs will appear as frosted white on clear and colored glass.
  • “Banding” in designs is common, where the grooves cut by the engraving tip are visible.
  • Complexity of engraved design is limited by the size of the engraving tip.