Do you have the orders and information from Etched In Glass?

Yes, we have orders going back to 2012. Let us know if you are doing a reorder.


Why Choose Etching?

Etching is permanent and will never wash, chip or wear off.  Etched glass has a more elegant appearance with deep and even cuts.  Designs can be extremely intricate.


Is there an additional cost for etching?

No, etching on one side is included in the price of each item (except photographs). Certain clearance items or specials do not include etching and are clearly marked with that information.


How long does it take to get something etched?

Generally, takes one week for most orders. However, a large quantity of items may require extra time for us to order additional glass. Keep in mind shipping time as well!


Can I order on your website?

Online ordering is available and you may also place your order by phone or email.


Can my order be shipped?

Yes, shipping is available via UPS in the U.S.


What is the format required photos to be used for etching?

Original photographs or emailed digital photos work the best. Try not to print out a digital photograph at home, because our scanners will pick up the grainy texture of almost all home printers. You can email it to us or bring a a digital copy on a CD or USB drive to the store. Please provide a standard format such as .jpg, or .png.


What format do you need for logos/graphics?

Either bring a nice, clear printed copy with you to the store, or a digital copy on a CD or USB drive, or you can email it to us. Please provide a standard format such as .jpg, or .png. There is no additional charge to use your logo. Faxing logos does not work well.


Can you etch items purchased elsewhere?

Yes, we can etch glass or crystal items purchased at other stores. There is a minimum of $15 per item, but it varies depending upon size and complexity of the item and etching.


Do you save old orders?

Yes! We save every order we’ve done, making it easy to reorder or match something done in the past. We also have the old Etched in Glass order files.


Do you have bulk discounts?

We offer discounts starting at 12 pieces of the same item (not the same etching). If you need a larger quantity of items you may want to consider our screen printing services.


How are wine bottles ordered?

The customer must provide the bottle, and they can be full or empty. Dark bottles work best, and try to find one without seams right down the middle where the etching will be. We’ll take off any labels that need to be removed for etching.


Can you etch in color?

Yes, we can color-fill in almost any color, but on glass the rich etch tone is much more attractive. Gold or silver etching is included on any of our black mirror, colored glass, or ceramic items. One color is included on marble items. We strongly suggest not coloring clear glass items.


What is the difference between Jade Glass, Crystal Clear Glass, Optic Crystal, and Lead Crystal?

Jade glass gets its color from an iron ore inherent in the silica sand used to produce the glass. Crystal Clear glass uses a more pure silica sand with virtually no iron ore content. While of premium quality, Crystal Clear glass is almost as clear as Optic Crystal, but is not technically crystal. Crystal is produced in two basic types, soft and hard. Soft crystal, known as Lead Crystal, must have at least 24% lead oxide content to be called crystal. It is most commonly used for molded shapes and is easy to grind and polish. It is a very clear material, but can also have bubbles and flow lines. Optic Crystal, sometimes referred to as Crown Glass, has a hardness and clarity ideal for telescope and camera lenses. It was first produced in the US in 1996 and is now produced around the world. The quality and clarity depends on how well it is produced.