This is the premier method for etching glassware. Sandblasting produces a deep, permanent mark, and it allows for greater flexibility in design. It produces the best result of all the available methods. Sandblasting is a labor-intensive process. The glasses are first prepped with hand-applied film masks and protective taping. Glasses are blasted with stream of pressurized abrasive in a special cabinet one at a time, then washed and packaged. At SES we use a sandblaster to ensure all our finished glassware is of the highest quality.

Benefits of sandblasting:

  • Etching is permanent and will never wash, chip or wear off.
  • Etched glass has a more elegant appearance with deep and even cuts.
  • Designs can be extremely intricate.

Limitations of sand blasting:

  • Color is not an option with etching. Etched designs will appear as frosted white on clear and colored glass. On non food and beverage items we can offer gold or silver coloring that overlays the etch.
  • In general, etched glassware is more expensive due to the hand labor required.