Hand Painting

Hand Painted Red and White on Black Marble

We can hand paint most etched designs. We have colorized corporate logos on awards, painted marble plaques for fire or police recognition and we also paint many wine and champagne bottles to celebrate weddings and anniversaries. Painting works best for items not frequently washed such as drink ware. Painting begins at $15 for the first color and $5 for each additional color. Larger designs will be more. All costs can be discussed as we design your project and will be finalized before work begins.

Etching Wine, Champagne or Liquor

Gold & Silver Colored Champagne Bottles

Due to Pennsylvania liquor laws you must provide the bottle of wine, champagne or liquor.  Dark bottles work best, such as dark green, or blue and try if you can to find a bottle where the seams do not go right down the middle where the labels are (all bottles have seams, but try to find one where they are not as prominent.)  We will take off the front, back or both labels for you.  Etching on bottles can be colored gold or silver or hand painted. A bottle colored all 1 color of either golf or silver is $20. Hand painting is $20 for the bottle etching plus $15 for the 1st paint color and $5 for each additional paint color.

Custom Sized Glass & Mirrors

36″x24″ Custom Mirror With Custom Stained Frame

We are able to provide glass and mirrors at any size. From transom windows to shower doors to bar mirrors for your den we are the place to go for all your custom glass needs. Framework can also be added to your order.

LED Lit Awards and Art

Customer provided crucifix with custom crafted box, 2 stage etched glass and LED lighting

We offer LED lit bases that hold various sized and shaped glass or we or can custom light a project for your unique needs.

Unique Projects

This project is an etched airplane window presented as a Air Force retirement gift

No matter what your etching needs are, if it is glass we can etch it.