Specialty Etching Shoppe

Bottle Etching

Choosing a Bottle for Etching

Bottles have seams in the glass. We need to work between the seams. When bottles are labeled by machine they roll and the labels can end up in any position. So it is important that the bottle is examined prior to purchase to make sure  the seams are in the correct place if you want to leave either or both labels on (or line up etching with a band or badge at the neck of the bottle).  If we are removing all labels and there is nothing to center with it will not matter. Also we will remove the labels for you, so don’t worry about that.

Only bottles made of smooth glass can be etched. Frosted bottles will not work with the masking film we use to create your design.

We can resize your artwork or designs to fit most bottles. However the smaller the text or details of the design the less impressive the final result will be.

Etched wine bottles
Etched wine bottles
Etched whiskey bottles
Etched wine bottles

Points to Remember when Etching Bottles

  • Check the seams! Etching looks its best when we work between the bottle seams
  • Bolder images work better then highly detailed ones
  • Bottles can be color-filled with Gold or Silver or they can be Hand Painted
  • Colored glass is better better than clear if you want Hand Painting to show up well
  • Bottles are the perfect choice to deliver a surprise or meaningful message
  • Everyday bottles and jars can be transformed in to valuable keepsakes 
  • Bottles make great useable gifts that live on as reminders of memorable events